French language

Play and discover French-speaking countries!

How much do you know about the French speaking world or “francophonie”? Play and learn more through the 8 challenges the Institut français has designed for French classes and try to win some prizes!

You teach French in comprehensive school or in high school? Play with your class and make them discover the French-speaking world! Each week, they will have to take up new challenges! The goal is to complete as many challenges as possible in order to score more points and to finish among the 10 winners!

All the challenges are on this map

Who can participate?

Any Finnish high school or middle school student (13-19 years old) who attends a French class and who is registered by his/ her French teacher.

When to participate?

From March the 1st to March 29th 2022, 2 challenges will have to be completed before every Tuesday of the month.

Before March 8 : Challenges 1 and 2
Before March 15 : Challenges 3 and 4
Before March 22 : Challenges 5 and 6
Before March 29 : challenges 7 and 8 + one bonus challenge.

Each challenge must be sent by email at before the deadline!

How to participate?

The French teacher registers his class to the competition (this inscription can be done when sending the first challenges) by filling out this form :

    *Champs obligatoires

    Ce site est protégé par reCAPTCHA et la politique de confidentialité et les conditions d'utilisation de Google s'appliquent.

    Then each student or group of students (since you can play individually or by team) sends his/her challenge before the deadline by email at

    When sending their message, they will have to specify: LAST NAME, First name, school and name of the French teacher.

    In the case of a class participation, specify it in your message and don’t forget to list the names of all the participants.

    What is the prize?

    First prize: a morning at the French Institute (French breakfast, virtual tour of major French and European museums, etc.)!

    Second prize: a Kosto cap

    Third-tenth prize: flasks, tote bags, books, etc.

    All personal data collected will only be used for the purpose of the game and will be deleted at the end of the competition.

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