5 steps for a tailor-made program:

  1. Needs Analysis
  • When you contact us, you express your needs, and we specify it with you in order to find prepare the contract.
  • For companies or institutions, this first evaluation is then followed by a deeper analysis, that can be for instance a placement test, individual interviews, internal documents.
  • The goal is to determine the exact desired outcomes and the trainable competencies, to collect data and to adjust the syllabus of the tailor-made course.
  1. A syllabus designed for you and tailored to your needs
  • During the first class, the trainer will fine tune the syllabus with the participants.
  • This syllabus will be the base of the pedagogical contract, that you will receive. The trainer suggests a pace and a duration in order to reach the outcomes you have set.
  • This syllabus can be readjusted if you choose to extend the contract.
  1. The training
  • The training in French can take place at the Institut français, or in your offices (for companies and institutions) or at distance, through our videoconferencing tools.
  • In any case, you will benefit from a free access to the Institut’s library and to “Culturethèque” (the e-library of the Institut), and thus will be able to read hundreds of French magazines or books.
  • On our learning platform Apolearn, the trainer displays the documents, provides extra-exercises or gives homework.
    In the case the trainees do not have time for extra-work outside of the class, the teacher will not use the platform.
  1. A mid-term review
  • At the mid-session, the trainer will write a report on the progress made by the trainees and their satisfaction with the training.
  • The syllabus, the pace, the distance or presence format, can be revaluated if needed on the base of the actual progression or of external constraints.
  1. Course evaluation and final report
  • At the end, the teacher evaluates what has been learned in order to make sure the initial learning goals are achieved.
  • A course evaluation is provided: the trainees will receive a survey to complete, and will have the occasion to give a feedback on the course.

Please write to cours@france.fi to explain your project and ask for a quote.