The Institut français de Finlande supports the French schools and the bilingual sections on the territory, but also offers French teachers in Finland tools and resources to help them promote French.  

We provide information on the mobilities of teachers in France: trainings, Erasmus + projects. Find the format that meets your needs and contact the attachée de coopération who can help you realise your project :

We implement trainings for teachers in Finland in order to help them maintain a constant connection with French language and culture. These trainings, in presence or at distance, are completely free of charge for French teachers! A program is designed each year, based on the teachers’ suggestions. You can ask the head of your school to validate those hours as part of continuous education!  

Thanks to our partnerships with educative authorities in France, short term exchanges or long term stay of one year in France are now opened to Finnish high schoolers! As a teacher, you just need to become referent teacher to be able to add this opportunity to you motivation tools! 

The DELF scolaire is an official language diploma, delivered by the French Ministry of Education, that attests the level of French of the students. Your school is not yet exam center? Join our network of the 18 schools in Finland for whom the DELF Scolaire has become an asset! 

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