About us

Created in 1968, Institut français supports and promotes French-Finnish exchanges in various fields of cooperation.

For cultural cooperation, Institut français organizes events, provides networking opportunities for culture professionals from both countries and support Finnish institutions on projects that contribute to the presence of French culture in Finland. We conduct these missions in collaboration with many partners, such as local festivals, artistic companies and cultural institutions. In addition, one of our key roles is to communicate on French and Francophone events in Finland.

Institut français is the reference for learning French in Finland, with nearly 1000 annual enrollments in courses and as many candidates to pass official examinations. We offer flexible and effective training through modern and recognized teaching methods and a team of dynamic, highly qualified teachers.

The science and higher education cooperation department supports the cooperation in research, innovation and higher education between France and Finland. Each year the scientific office supports short mobility of researchers in France and in Finland, the implementation of bilateral scientific workshops but also the organization of public conferences and high level discussions with French experts. It is the contact point for all French and Finnish actors interested in strengthening or initiating their cooperation in such areas.

The Campus France antenna welcomes students (appointment required) and informs them about studies in France. Campus France also participates in any public event promoting higher education and mobility for students.