Description of our online courses

Our course offer is flexible, and can meet your needs and goals:

  • You wish to attend a standard course, or a cultural workshop online and wish to meet weekly with a group?
    => Choose one of our online class or one of our cultural workshop online !
    => You can also choose one of our on-site courses, that you will be able to attend from home
  • You have a specific need and would like a tailored offer?
    =>Choose one of our tailor-made courses for professional  or for children.
  • You wish to benefit from a real well-designed course, but to remain autonomous and not to have scheduled times dedicated to French in the week?
    => Choose MonCoursEnLigne, and you will be accompanied by a tutor who will help you with all your individual difficulties.
  • You wish to discover French through simple activities easy to do at any moment of the day?
    => Choose the App Frantastique ,  an App easy to use for a daily contact with French language!

Courses format

  • The online classes or cultural workshops last 1h30 and will be held on Zoom. The course is based on alternating class, small group and individual activities. The teachers post complementary documents of the pedagogical platform Apolearn.
  • The tailor-made courses will be design on the base of the expressed needs: the rhythm is defined with you, and accordingly with your goals!
  • The App Frantastique and MonCoursEnLigne will allow you to decide on your pace, and on the time you wish to dedicate to learn French.

Material for the online courses

  • Online Classes A1-A2 and B1-B2 : the course comprises a complete range of immersive exercises classified by level and carefully organised in order to optimise progression : role-play, grammar, vocabulary, games, excerpts of films, etc.
  • Online cultural workshop : the teachers teaching from France invite actors of the cultural and economical local life. Hence, as a learner, you will have the possibility to talk with a variety of French professionals. The material for the course will be provided by the teachers. Complementary activities on Apolearn can also be offered.