The courses for children and teens will be held onsite and will take place at the Institut français, accordingly with the recommandations

Toddlers, kids and teens courses

  • The courses for children at the Institut français are based on playful learning: songs, games, dialogues provide a French bath to children, and helps them play with words and appropriate the vocab! Not only do they discover French through a structured curriculum, but they are exposed to French in such a positive way that they develop an interest in the language that comes entirely from within themselves.
  • French courses at the Institut Français are taught in French, from the very beginner level, so that the children are in immersion. Our teachers, all native speakers, enable your child to model his/her pronunciation on their native French.
  • We offer regular courses every Saturday morning or intensive courses in order to enjoy holidays in French, to prepare the new school year or the high school diploma!

The Institut Français Special Extra:  The parents of the Saturday classes are welcome to attend the first class of the session. They are also welcome every week library, where our librarian will offer them a coffee and some magazines, for them to wait for their child relaxing and enjoying the French environment!