Compagnie Mouvements perpétuels / cie Salia Sanou – D’un rêve

June 15 - 16, 2023

Kuopio Dance Festival

Kuopion musiikkikeskus
Kuopionlahdenkatu 23 70100 Kuopio

I have a dream – the iconic phrase by Martin Luther King inspired the title of Salia Sanou’s creation D’un Rêve. Sanou, a choreographer and dancer from Burkina Faso, dreams of a collective in which we prevails over I, a dream of a reconciled humanity that would ban the domination of people and bodies forever. With D’un Rêve Sanou pursues his exploration of themes linked to borders, exile, identity and otherness. An engaged artist and civil rights activist, he describes how African pop culture has contributed to writing a chapter about his people’s redemption. The seriousness of the subject matter, however, does not overshadow levity for Sanou and he opts for a form of a danced comedy: D’un Rêve is musical which sings and dances a hymn to life and creates an epic tale about the history of the black body.

With the support f the French institute in Finland.

choreography Salia Sanou text and lyrics Gaël Faye & Capitaine Alexandre scenography Mathieu Lorry Dupuy lights Marie-Christine Soma music Lokua Kanza video creation Gaël Bonnefon costumes Mathilde Possoz dance Lydie Alberto, Milane Cathala-Difabrizio, Ousséni Dabaré, Ida Faho, Siham Falhoune, Ange Fandoh, Virginie Hombel, Kevin Charlemagne Kabore, Dominique Magloire, Elithia Rabenjamina, Marius Sawadogo & Akeem Washko Singers Lydie Alberto, Ange Fandoh, Virginie Hombel & Dominique Magloire