Emmanuel Mouret, guest at the Midnight Sun Film Festival!

June 14 - 18, 2023

One of the most interesting names in contemporary French cinema, Emmanuel Mouret (b. 1970) has made subtle relationship dramas since the 1990s, in which speaking becomes visual music and spatial poetry. Mouret’s classical films don’t pander to any zeitgeist. While he long stayed under the radar, the director has in recent years risen to wider acclaim and earned César nominations with his work.

Midnight Sun Film Festival

Mouret’s second feature film Venus and Fleur (2004) is a nostalgic summertime comedy of mistakes, reminiscent of Éric Rohmer’s work. The light but profound The Art of Love (2011) is a suprising tale of love divided into ten chapters. With the Cécile de France-starring compact comedy of manners Lady J (2018), Mouret created his own version of Denis Diderot’s cautionary tale of love. Set in the French countryside, Love Affair(s) (2020) leads the viewer into a whole cosmos of relationships. In Mouret’s newest film Diary of a Fleeting Affair (2022) two people, played by the amazing Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Macaigne, meet in a bar and decide to embark on a relationship with a rather unusual premise regarding sex, courtship, and a future together. But what happens to passion, or the other parties in the scenario?