June 5 - December 31, 2021

National icons and international fame.
Temporary exhibition at the Mannerheim Museum


The French institute and the EUNIC-network supports the new exhibition at Mannerheim Museum: Illustres!

Who’s the greatest of them all? The new temporary exhibition at the Mannerheim museum takes a dive into the concepts of symbolization and glorification, national significance and international fame through the biographic history of Marshal Gustaf Mannerheim and other renowned Europeans. In Finland, Mannerheim may be the most famous person. Who is the equivalent icon in France? Who personifies 20th century Great Britain? Can the Poles agree on one figure as the great one in their history? How are these themes discussed in Sweden? A symbolic status can be achieved through many professions.

The Mannerheim museum has together with other European home museums created a conversational exhibition where some distinguished individuals meet in an unexpected way. Personal belongings of these European celebrities are on display.