Tanssin talo : Gaetan Levêque : Esquive

September 16 - 17, 2022

Esquive is an invitation to contemplate the human desire to rise up ever higher and experience their continuous effort to prevent themselves from falling. Like in a walking dream, the audience is immersed in a dimension in which codes and references are shaken up.

Tanssin talo
Kaapeliaukio 3 00180 Helsinki

Gathered around three pieces of bouncing canvas and a structure offering multiple inclinations, six acrobats explore and pay tribute to the suspended state made possible by the trampoline. By challenging gravity, weight, suspension and the change of the state of the body, the acrobatic performance becomes a spatial and corporeal language in itself. One that conveys the innermost foundations of circus arts: taking risks and performing in mid-air.

Recommended age limit for Esquive is 6 years – family ticket available!