What will the future museum look like?

Thursday, November 12, 2020 15:00-16:30

Join us for an online round table discussing the creative use of technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in cultural institutions and museums.

Online round table

Museums and cultural institutions worldwide are increasingly developing mediation experiences that include digital technologies. How can the technologies be used to allow a richer interaction between the visitors and the artworks and develop co-creation processes? How can we go beyond the simple illustration of the existing artworks and artefacts and enable the development of a unique digital language?  

This online round table will bring together speakers from Denmark, Finland, France, Norway and Sweden who will share case studies and good practice to create bridges between artists, technologies and the public. 

Event in English

  • Bo Gustafsson (Sweden), Artistic Director and Founder, DVA
  • Kirsten Drotner (Denmark), Department for the Study of Culture and Media, University of Southern Denmark
  • Nikita Mathias (Norway), Senior Concept Developer, MUNCH
  • Grégoire Rousseau (Finland), Artist
  • JosAuzende(France), Artistic Co-Director, La Gaîté Lyrique 
  • Moderated by Annick Bureaud (France), Paris-Based independent Art Critic and Curator.