Summer camps and relay-school courses

Course material

  • Summer camp : the course package will be designed by the teacher, in order to help each child learn through games, visits in museums, and dialogues ! 
  • Prepare for school : the course is built on the base of the school materials so that your child can review efficiently.

Summer camp (age 7 to 12)

5 days of holydays in French to learn and practice French in full immersion!

The mornings are dedicated to discovery activities and to games or art and crafts in French.
The afternoons are dedicated to visits to museums, to cultural or outdoor activities to act and interact in French (visits of museums, treasure hunt and meetings with artists or craftsmen)

=>06.06-10.06 : 9h30-15h30 (fees 317 €, including bus tickets and museum tickets) 
=>13.06-17.06 : 9h30-15h30 (fees 317 €, including bus tickets and museum tickets) 


Prepare the new school year ! (age 12 and over) 

3 days to be ready to begin a new school years on good bases!

Your children “forgot everything” in French during the holydays? This course of three intensive days will help him/her refresh his/her knowledge and feel completely ready to begin a new year of school! Grammar, vocabulary exercises, speaking and writing: this course will offer all type of activities to improve those skills and to enable each child to progress at his own pace.

=>08.08-10.08 : 13h-16h (fees 184 €) 


Prepare your high school diploma

3 classes to review efficiently !

For high school students, this six hour course is dedicated to help them prepare for their diploma and for the exam in French. A qualified teacher, with a large experience in teaching French in Finnish high schools, will train the students to help them pass !

=> 02.02, 09.02, 16.02: 17h-19h (fees 146 euros)