Price list, terms and conditions





Cours collectifs généraux : 

session complète cours adulte conversation ou cours sur méthode 

313 € 

15 semaines/ 22h30 


demi-session cours adultes conversation ou cours sur méthode 

182 € 

8 semaines/ 12h 


French Express 

182 € 

4 jours/ 12h 


session complète cours pour enfants  

207 € 

12 semaines/12h 


demi-session cours pour enfant 

111 € 

6 semaines/ 6h 

Cours collectifs généraux en mini-groupes 

2 personnes – 5 heures minimum 

48 € /personne 

tarif horaire par personne 


3 personnes – 5 heures minimum 

32 € /personne 

tarif horaire par personne 


4 à 6 personnes – 5 heures minimum 

24 € /personne 

tarif horaire par personne 


Petit automne/ printemps/ été (cours mini-groupe à partir de 4 personnes) 

190 € 

4 semaines/ 8h 


Week-End Express  (cours mini-groupe à partir de 4 personnes) 

190 € 

2 jours/ 8h 

cours collectifs spécifiques adultes 

cercle littéraire 

313 € 

12 semaines/ 18h 


ateliers culturels virtuels (exemple: art de vivre à la française; Paris je t’aime) 

230 € 

8 semaines/ 12h 


Cours prépa DELF / DALF (cours mini-groupe à partir de 4 personnes) 

220 € 

4 séances /8h  


ateliers culturels (cours mini-groupe à partir de 4 personnes) (exemple: gastronomies; karaoké; destination francophonie) 

220 € 

4 semaines/8h 


cours de français professionnel (français du tourisme) 

230 € 

8 séances/12h 

cours collectifs spécifiques enfants 

Préparer la rentrée 

180 € 

3 jours/ 9h 


bains linguistiques pour les enfants = Club vacances 

310 € 

5 jours/30h 


cours prépa bac 

170 € 

3 séances/ 6h 


ateliers enfants événement (ex: Halloween, Pâques, Noël…) (à partir de 6 inscrits) 

80 € 


Cours collectifs à la demande adultes et enfants (sujets spécifiques de langue spécialisée) 

2 personnes  

52 €/ personne/heure 

tarif horaire par personne 


3 personnes  


tarif horaire par personne 


4 à 6 personnes  


tarif horaire par personne 

Apéro et actualités françaises  

Apéro et actualités françaises (minimum 8 personnes) 

160 € 

4 séances/ 8h 

pour les particuliers 


78 € 



Forfait de 5 heures 




forfait de 10 heures 

700 € 

10 h 


forfait de 15 heures 

995 € 

15 h 


forfait de 20 heures 

1 250 € 

20 h 

pour les particuliers langue spécialisée et cours enfants même famille (à partir de 2 enfants) 


84 € 

1 h 


forfait de 10 h 

810 € 

10 h 


forfait de 20 h 

1 540 € 

20 h 

Pour les entreprises 


84 € 

1 h 


forfait de 10 heures 

810 € 

10 h 


forfait de 15 heures 

1 215 € 

15 h 


forfait de 20 heures 

1 540 € 

20 h 

pour les écoles 




club de français dans les écoles-crèches 

forfait de 10 heures 

690 € 

10 h 

forfait de 15 heures 

1000 € 

15 h 

forfait de 20 heures 

1300 € 

20 h 

semaine réactivation français 

forfait de 10 heures (tarif par élève- minimum 5 élèves) 

130 € 

10 h 

professionnels de l’éducation 

formation des enseignants de français 

360 € 

3 heures 


frais de déplacement 

6 € 


professionnels de l’éducation 

stage d’habilitation pour devenir examinateur-correcteur DELF 

270 € 

3 jours/18h 


600 € 

24 semaines 2 inscriptions 

800 € 

24 semaines 


Application Frantastique 

à partir de 21 €/mois 


Tests et  examens





DELF  – A1 

64 € 



DELF – A2 

77 € 



DELF – B1 

93 € 



DELF – B2 

112 € 




210 € 




220 € 




20 € 




40 € 




20 € 



DELF Prim/ Junior tarif spécial filières bilingues Turku et Tampere  

15 € 



DELF Prim/ Junior tarif candidats extérieurs centres (tout niveau) 

40 € 



TCF TP  épreuves obligatoires 

104 € 

3 épreuves 



50,00 € 



TCF TP épreuves facultatives 

55 € 

prix par épreuve (2 épreuves) 



159 € 

4 épreuves 


TCF Québec 

55 € 

prix par épreuve (4 épreuves) 


TCF Canada 

220 € 

4 épreuves obligatoires 


TCF Naturalisation/ Carte de résidence 

159 € 

4 épreuves obligatoires 



55,00 € 

prix par épreuve (5 épreuves) 


TEF naturalisation/ carte de résidence 

159,00 € 

4 épreuves 



55 € 

prix par épreuve (4 épreuves) 


TEF Canada 

220 € 

4 épreuves obligatoires 


DFP (B1, B2, C1) 

170 € 



test d’accès au  DAEFLE 

104 € 



examen final DAEFLE 

311 € 


Prestation: université 

Prestation centre examen études universitaires 

57 € 

par heure d´épreuve 

Réédition DELF/DALF 

réedition des diplômes par France Education International 

10,00 € 


Frais traitement dossier 

frais administratifs facturés pour chaque examen 

10,00 € 




These General Terms and Conditions apply to the services offered by the French Institute of Finland and purchased by the Client (Student). By signing the enrolment form the French Institute of Finland or by accepting/ticking the conditions on the website Extranet of the French Institute of Finland, the Client accepts these General Terms and Conditions.


 These General Terms and Conditions set out the obligations imposed on each party as well as the terms and conditions according to which the French Institute of Finland shall provide the Client with the services purchased by the Client.


2.1 The minimum age for enrolment is 18 years. The parents shall enrol their children under 18 years of age. This clause is also applicable to an enrolment in the media library (la médiathèque) of the French Institute of Finland.

2.2 For group classes: The required level of language proficiency for attending courses is established by the framework of language proficiency of the French Institute of Finland. Two options for evaluation of level of language proficiency are offered to the Client free of charge:

  1. a) A placement test is possible on the website of the French Institute of Finland, or by phone, or on site. After he took the test, the Client is committed to follow a course adapted to his/her level.
  2. b) A self-evaluation: The Client can choose his/her level from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CECRL) without taking a language test.

2.3 For individual classes: An oral evaluation is possible by phone or in the French Institute of Finland, it makes it possible to know student’s goals and defining the program.

2.4 The Clients enrolled in classes on site but willing to stay at home can follow the class at distance, after connecting on Teams. A connection link is sent to the class by email. When there is an interaction in class, a priority is given to the Clients present in class, and the interactions with the Clients connected at distance will be limited.


3.1 The Client validates his/her enrolment on the website of the French Institute of Finland,, after accepting the General Terms and Conditions. The Client has to create a user account on the website prior to the enrolment.

3.2. The Client can enrol in a course during the indicated enrolment period announced on the website of the French Institute of Finland.

3.3. Any enrolment in a language course gives the right to a media library card free of charge allowing to borrow documents (books, CDs, DVDs etc.) as well as access to Culturethèque during a period of the course.


4.1. Online enrolment generates automatically an invoice that is send to the e-mail address provided by the Client.

4.2. The payment has to be made at the latest within 14 days following the sending of the order. If a request is properly justified, the French Institute of Finland can allow the Client to pay the invoice in 2 parts during a period that cannot exceed 3 months. In any case, the Client is committed to pay the full amount of the invoice. If the Client does not fully attend the course, no compensation neither discounts for the price will be given.

4.3 When the Client of a private tuition asks for the teacher to come and give the lesson at his office, the transportation fees will be added to the price of the course.


5.1 The opening of courses is subordinated to a sufficient number of participants the French Institute of Finland reserves the right not to open a course in case of insufficient number of participants or for any other compelling reason.

5.2 The French Institute of Finland shall notify the enrolled Clients 3 days before the beginning of the course in case of closure of the course.


6.1 The French Institute of Finland is closed on Bank Holidays. Courses which fall on these dates have been rescheduled accordingly. The calendar is available on the website of the French Institute of Finland.

6.2 If a course proves inappropriate in terms of level, transfer to another one of the right level is possible only within the same enrolment period, if there still is space.

6.3 Any other kind of modification will be notified by mail the latest 10 days before the beginning of the courses and will be charged 30 euros.

6.4 Due to the necessities of the current situation with the Covid-19, please note that all our onsite courses may be transferred to online courses if the French Institute of Finland is asked to close to the public. Should this occur, an online class will be provided instead of the on site course. Fees will not be refunded and no partial refund can be granted.

6.5. Private tuition: the Client can postpone a class until 24 hours before the class and if he writes to both the secretary and the teachers an explicit email. If the request is sent less then 24 hours before the class, the session will be charged even if it did not take place. If the Client does not show up at a class without have sent a specific request 24 hours before the class, the session will be charged.


7.1 Cancellation by the Client

Cancellation before the beginning of the course –  Requests for cancellations must be made in writing before the course begins. The cancellation can be made free of charge when she occurs the latest 7 days before the beginning of the course. – If the cancellation is made within less than 7 days before the beginning of the course, the Client has to pay a cancellation fee of 30% of the amount of the course.

Cancellation after the beginning of the course – Once the course has started, the full course fee is charged, unless the cancellation is due to a compelling and legitimate reason justified by a medical certificate  (accident, disease, death).

Examinations : fees for tests and exams (DELF, DALF, TCF, TEF, DFP) must be paid in advance and are non-refundable. Examination fees cannot be transferred to a future examination session, except in case of force majeure (illness, accident) and upon presentation of an official medical certificate. 

7.2 Cancellation and postponement by the French Institute of Finland – If the course cannot be provided, the French Institute of Finland shall propose to enrolled Clients

-either a possibility to participate to a similar course at the same session,

-either alternative dates for a similar course,

-or a refund of the paid sums for the enrolment at the course.

In the case of a refund, the Client shall fill in a form accompanied by a bank document justifying the bank account information.


The French Institute of Finland is not responsible for any loss, theft, or damage of a student´s personal belongings in the premises of the French Institute of Finland or in any other premises where the courses are provided.


 9.1 It is the Client’s (candidate’s) responsibility to check that their name and details are exact and correctly spelt on their confirmation of enrolment, and are exactly as they appear on their passport. The same details will appear on the candidates’ final certificates. Once the diplomas have been printed, amendment of name or details will incur an extra fee.


9.2 Any discrepancy between a candidate’s examination registration details and their passport (e.g. diminutive used instead of full given names) may lead to the candidate being refused access to the examination room.

9.3 Examination dates may be subject to alterations or cancellation in cases of force majeure.

9.4 Once set, the schedule of oral examination dates and times may not be altered.

9.5 Oral examinations may take place early in the day / late in the evening. There may be a long gap between a candidate’s oral and written examinations, and oral examinations may be held on a different day to written examinations to accommodate the number of candidates enrolled.

9.6 Oral examinations may be recorded.

9.7 Candidates will be sent a statement of entry. It is the candidate’s responsibility to enquire at least one week prior to the examination if they have not received an email from the Institute, so they can make the necessary arrangements.

9.8 Candidates should arrive 15 minutes prior to the beginning of their examination (according to the times mentioned on the statement of entry or the schedule). Late arrivals will not be accommodated.

9.9 The candidates’ overall and detailed scores will be printed onto their “attestation de réussite” (results certificates). No results or scores will be given by email or phone to the candidates.

9.10 Results certificates and diplomas must be collected by the candidate at the examination centre and within a month of notification and with official proof of identity.

9.11 Should a candidate find themselves unable to collect their results or diploma, they may write a letter of proxy authorising a third party to collect their documents on their behalf. The letter must be manually signed and bear the name of the candidate, the name of the person collecting their document, the name of the examination and document, and the date. The third party will bring the printed letter, their own ID (eg passport), and a photocopy of the candidate’s ID.

9.12 Certificates and diplomas may be reprinted in case of loss (for free) or to amend an error on the original document (charged). Reprints due to unchecked errors will incur an extra charge.

9.13 TCF and TEF certificates are valid 2 years, and the examinations may be re-taken a minimum of 30 days after the last examination, and may be taken as often as the candidate wishes to. DELF-DALF  are diplomas valid for life.


These General Conditions and terms are governed by and construed in accordance with Finnish law. The District Court of Helsinki (Helsingin käräjäoikeus) shall have jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of, or related to, the interpretation or performance of any provision contained in the present agreement. These General Terms and Conditions are drawn up in French, in Finnish and in English. The French version shall prevail in any event.