Architecture and wood design

Thursday, March 24, 2022 15:00

The Night of Ideas brings together a series of events promoted by the French Institute throughout the world, which encourage dialogue between personalities from all horizons and which advance thinking in all fields.


The 7th edition takes place within the framework of the French Presidency of the European Union. The theme “(Re)building together” has been chosen to explore the resilience and reconstruction of societies faced with singular challenges, solidarity and cooperation between individuals, groups and states, the mobilisation of civil societies and the challenges of building and making our objects.  

The 7th Night of Ideas of the French Institute of Finland will take place online on 24 March 2022 at 3pm 

A round table will be organised on the theme: “Architecture and wood design”: How to build today?  Huts, skyscrapers, everyday objects made of wood, how to build a sustainable habitat in 2022? As the need for construction, urban development and furniture continues to grow, what are the issues facing the future actors involved in their construction and design? 

The guests will be: Miia-Liina Tommila architect, Timo Pakarinen lecturer in civil engineering and wood construction, Frédéric Chaboche representative of the Forestry campus for jobs and qualifications of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Christine Pecastaingts director of INTERCO. In turn, they will present innovative and inspiring educational projects and then discuss together the new orientations that are driving schools and actors in the sector today. 

Miia-Liina Tommila is a versatile Finnish architect, in her Helsinki-based office Tommila Architects as well as the Finnish-Norwegian office Kaleidoscope, co-owned and co-founded by Tommila, based in Bergen. Her recent works include the Arabia Factory quarter development and Arabia Creative Campus for Metropolia and Pop & Jazz Conservatory in Helsinki, finalized in August 2022. Currently Tommila is working with Piiri, the wooden social housing for Kerava housing fair in 2024.
Timo Pakarinen is currently working as a lecturer in Karelia University of Applied Science in department of construction. He actively participates in R&D activities in the areas of wood construction and low-carbon construction. In addition, he is also response of the international activities in department of construction. His presentation includes a brief overview of Karelia University of Applied Sciences’ R&D activities in the field of wood construction and a brief description of a research project that began in early 2022 with Austrian and German partners.
Christine PECASTAINGTS is director of INTERCO, Nouvelle-Aquitaine International Cooperation Agency. Her objective over the years has been to bring together the socio-economic activities of Nouvelle-Aquitaine with their foreign counterparts, in order to help building economic and institutional links between actors of a similar field from different countries. She will present the Georgie project co-construct with Frédéric Chaboche. 
Frédéric CHABOCHE is operational director of Nouvelle-Aquitaine Wood and Forestry campus for jobs and qualifications. His objective is to promote the professions of the forest and wood sector to attract a maximum of learners to vocational training centres in the three training paths: initial training, initial training through apprenticeship and vocational education. He will present the Georgie project co-construct with Christine Pecastaingts.