Digital North: Comic books in the age of Social Media and online platforms

Thursday, November 19, 2020 15:00-16:30

This webinar gathers creators and publishers from France and Nordics countries, to discuss the situation for comics creators in those countries and the impact of digital tools on the artists and their creation. It will also raise the question of artistic freedom and financial autonomy through digital revolution.


French Ministry for Culture has officially stated 2020 to be the “Year of Comic books”. This decision is at the same time an acknowledgement of the dynamism, liveliness and publishing successes of the French comics books sector, and a help towards professionals who are struggling sometimes. 

Indeed, in a publishing landscape that is broadening more and more, with more and more books published each year, starting a career and living off comic books is getting harder for authors and cartoonists. 

New media and digital platforms can be used as paved way for young artists, either for self-publication on those platforms, or for promotion to attract more “traditional” publishers. Authors like Pénélope Bagieu or Sarah Andersen have for example started their careers on digital platforms. 

In addition, more traditional media don’t hesitate to turn themselves to digital contents to develop their offers and attract a young audience. The online comic saga Summer, produced by Bigger Than Fiction for the French-German network Arte, gathered more than 20 million views online when it was published in 60 episodes on Instagram. 

This webinar is intended for professionals as well as the general public. 

Webinar in english –


• Julien Aubert (France) Bigger than Fiction
• H-Lehkonen (Finland) DigiComix
• Tor Fruergaard (Denmark) Cartoonist
• Frode Haaland (Norway) Festival Raptus
• Ola Hellsten (Sweden) director of the Seriefestivalen
• Moderation: Wandrille Nautilus