Earth Shards

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Created in Nizza, the Sixiemetage company project Earth Shards is presented with the support of the French institute in Finland in Jakobstad!

Schauman Hall
Kauppiaankatu 10 68600 Pietarsaari

A unique opportunity to experience contemporary Dance and Theatre from France! 

Dance- and Theatre Company Le Sixièmétage’s “Earth Shards” (in French, Eclats Terrestres) is a powerful choreographic performance that combines dance, theatre, music, poetry, mime and visual arts. 

The performance “Earth Shards” is a tribute to different landscapes on track of disappearance. The Earth is currently experiencing ecological changes that are irreversible. Earthlings face devastating demons. The world is in constant motion, fragile and powerful at the same time. 

“Earth Shards” is a choreographic study, which shows six different symbolic landscapes. To give life to a gallery of characters – half human and half spirits – natural materials such as soil, clay, grass, bark, charcoal, stone and paper are used. A metamorphosis is taken place. The strong scenic and costume design, with expressive lighting and sound design creates a vibrating stage atmosphere. The scenography and costumes are like extension of the performers body, creating a second skin layer. 

The performance “Earth Shards” is a poetic journey, where the real and the imaginative intermingle. 

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