Eugène Ionesco’s Rhinoceros at Teatteri Kultsa!

September 4 - October 9, 2021

One of the Theater of the Absurd best known play is presented in Finnish at Teatteri Kultsa.

Teatteri Kultsa
Käenkuja 6-8 00500 Helsinki

Over the course of three acts, the inhabitants of a small, provincial French town turn into rhinoceroses; ultimately the only human who does not succumb to this mass metamorphosis is the central character, Bérenger, a flustered everyman figure who is initially criticized in the play for his drinking, tardiness, and slovenly lifestyle and then, later, for his increasing paranoia and obsession with the rhinoceroses. The play is often read as a response and criticism to the sudden upsurge of Fascism and Nazism during the events preceding World War II, and explores the themes of conformity, culture, fascism, responsibility, logic, mass movements, mob mentality, philosophy and morality.

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