December 2 - 4, 2021

How to survive the end of the world?

Espoon Kaupunginteatteri
Revontulentie 8 02100 Espoo

Surviving catastrophes, while others perish, is what survivalists hope, and plan, to achieve. Many are convinced that burrowing underground bunkers is the way to see through the, in their vision, immanent end of the world. Eloïse, Paul, and Nathalie visit a luxury bunker and rededicate themselves to surviving, come what may. For them, the Apocalypse is not the end, it is the new dawn. And it is they who will be the survivors, they the new beginning.  

Combining theatre of the grotesque and masked theatre, and laced with a powerful undercurrent of humour, the performance questions violent mechanisms of human society and examines the crumbling of the social contract. 

For as long as our imaginations are dominated by ideas of the survival of the fittest, we cannot see beyond adversarial visions for the future. 

Language: French
Surtitles in English and Finnish

Director Davide Giovanzana
Cast Fred Cacheux, Stéfanie Felix, Nancy Guyon, David Martins
Light designer  Pietu Pietiäinen
Sound designer and music Philippe Rieger
Costume and set designer Tinde Lappalainen
Stage manager Arthur Michel
Video and light technician Vassili Bertrand / Pierre Mallaisé
Mask maker Etienne Champion

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