Sampo Festival

August 23 - 27, 2023

The French institute supports Sampo festival, one of the biggest puppet theatre festival in Finland!
The festival will present three puppet theatre plays: Cie la Muette’s Cozy One Man Orchestra and False Orchestra and Singe Diesel’s Kazu in the Night!


Singe Diesel: Kazu in the Night / Kazu dans la nuit

25.-26.8. – Sampo Stage
This show is a dive into the puppet workshop of Juan Perez Escala and into the world of magical realism and micro fiction, an artistic trend originating from South America.
The stories Juan tells us are really not stories. Nor poems. Definitely not haikus.
Not jokes or little tales either. He gave them a name: they are “kazus”.
Juan takes us gently into his world where love, life and death intertwine. It sublimates everyday life, trivializes madness and melancholy. And as the kazus follow one another, we realize that we are also talking about something more intimate and profound:
Kazu is madly in love with Lou, but Lou is no longer there. Yet love is still alive and joyful…
Puppets, music, and live drawings collide in this performance to create moving and philosophical poetry.

La Mue/tte: Les Intimités de l’Homme-Orchestre  / Cozy One-Man Band

26.-27.8. – Sampo Stage
From the fragile and careful preambles of human-musicality (the one-man-hand) to the strong and rough character of the one-man-band, we are shown the different facets and many talents of the musician Santiago Moreno. 
Small inventions and musical assemblies build up, piece by piece, the complex one man band, for the rapture of a fascinated audience.
A playful and poetic moment where music and movement are inseparable.

La Mue/tte: Faux Orchestre / False Orchestra

26.8. – Espan Lava
27.8. – Dianapuisto
A virtuoso one-man orchestra attempts an impossible encounter between the original and the copy. In the end, reality and imagination can no longer be separated. We disappear into a world where everything has merged into one eye-popping dance of music and illusion.

Two musicians sitting back to back: one is a true musician and the other false. On one side is a musician with a stringed instrument, a Ronroco. On the other is a percussionist flanked by a drum and a cymbal with spoons on his knees. One of them is a faker, faking the other…In a turning set-up offering a vision of over 180° degrees, the two alter egos attempt an impossible encounter. They follow each other, evade, and tease each other before finally losing themselves and merging in a circular dance. The False-Orchestra plays between original and copy, reality and illusion, a fake Milonga with real Russian spoons. A fused puppet, a deported mask and music with a South American air, the False-Orchestra of this virtuoso musician is to be listened to with your eyes wide open!

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