Maupertuis programme

Launching period: end of August to end of October

 The French Institute in Helsinki, the French Embassy to Finland and the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation in partnership with the Finnish Society for Science and Letters and the Finnish Academy of Sciences and Letters open a call for projects, under the seed funding programme, to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the fields of science, innovation and higher education in areas of interest to both countries.

To this end, two joint programmes are proposed:

  1. Short Mobility of Researchers (SMR)
    In order to initiate or strengthen cooperation in the fields of science, innovation and higher education in areas of mutual interest, this programme allows selected researchers and doctoral students from France and Finland to meet their counterparts for a short period of time (1-2 weeks). The objectives of this visit are:
    – to discuss opportunities for concrete collaboration in research and, if possible, higher education (student mobility, dual degree, doctoral degree in cotutelle, applications for joint European projects…);
    – to meet and exchange with several researchers within the host institution, in order to explore all other possible collaborations, also in a multidisciplinary approach;
    – to identify the short-, medium- and long-term prospects for collaboration and formalisation of cooperation in order to build sustainable cooperation between research teams, research laboratories, departments and institutions.


  1. Education, Research and Innovation Workshops (ERI-W)
    In order to strengthen existing collaborations between researchers in France and Finland, it is proposed to organize concrete and specific workshops, in Finland or France, in all areas of research excellence. It is recommended to have targeted and concrete topics to lead a workshop over 2 or 3 days and involve several researchers (about 15, but this number is not limited). These workshops should cover the three pillars of the knowledge triangle:
    – Research: initiate, strengthen, encourage research collaborations to structure cooperation;
    – Education: explore, with the help of the scientific and academic cooperation officer, all the opportunities to increase and support student mobility, the establishment of dual degrees, PhDs cotutelles, …
    – Innovation: identify the opportunities for technology and innovation transfer as well as collaboration with the private sector in each country. The participation of students, businesses representatives, technology transfer managers, innovation councils, representatives of institutions and local authorities is encouraged.

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