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PhD in cotutelle France-Finland 

Feedback from the students

More and more French and Finnish universities are joining forces so that their students can carry out their thesis under cotutelle and benefit from the many advantages that this formula offers them. Bertille, Lama and Lukas, currently doctoral students between France and Finland, share their experience of cotutelle.

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Bertille Mohring is doing her PhD in cotutelle between Åbo Akademi University and the Centre for Biological Studies of Chizé in France. She is doing her research on Common Eider, which is a species of duck, in Finland and she is analysing her samples in France.
Lama Al Ayoubi is doing her PhD under the joint supervision of the University of Paris Saclay and the University of Jyväskylä. Her work in nuclear astrophysics aims to understand the origin of matter in the universe.
Lukas Enders is doing a cotutelle between Sorbonne University in Paris and the University of Helsinki. He is working in chemistry and more specifically on gold catalysis.