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Reception in honour of the France Finland alumni at the French Embassy

Thursday, May 25, 2023

On Thursday 25 May 2023, the Alumni reception will be held at the French Embassy in the presence of the French Ambassador, Agnès Cukierman.

Ambassade de France
Itäinen Puistotie 13 00140 Helsinki

The theme of this year’s event is to highlight feedback and revive memories through an open stage mixing originality and spontaneity: “This is my France …”.

This is an opportunity to write a short story, a poem, a song, a sketch or even read a passage from a book to express your experience and feelings about this adventure in a few words.

You are an Alumni if :
  • You have studied in France (for any length of time)
  • You have done an exchange semester in France
  • You have done an internship in France during your studies
  • You studied in a French school or in a French section* in Finland or in a third country

* (e.g. French-Finnish high school, European school)

Information about the open stage:
  • The theme is: “This is my France…”.
  • To talk about : Your experience, an anecdote, an encounter, an event that marked you, a feeling, an assessment etc…
  • The medium is free, as long as it can be presented on stage (reading of a poem, song, story, stage play, charade…)
  • This can be done in French or English
  • You will have about 3 minutes

If you would like to share your France with us by participating in the open stage, please send us a message before May 5th to specifying the format you would like to use and the technical equipment you might need (microphone, speakers, etc.).

If you are an Alumni and would like to attend this reception (by participating in the open stage or not), please complete this short online survey by clicking on this  LINK 

You will then be emailed the link to register.

If you have already filled in this form, you can let us know by sending a message to You will then receive the link to register by email.

Do not hesitate to share this message with the Alumnis around you!

We hope to see you (again) at the Embassy,

For any further information, please contact