Lyon Opera Ballet: Forsythe I Pontvianne

May 30 - June 1, 2023

A rare visit to Finland by a renowned French contemporary dance and ballet company!

Tanssin Talo
Kaapeliaukio 3 00180 Helsinki

Lyon Opera Ballet, which has opened a new chapter with its artistic director Julie Guibert, has distinguished itself particularly as a contemporary dance and contemporary ballet company. Lyon Opera Ballet not only maintains a high technical level to meet the demands of the world’s most renowned choreographers, but also constantly seeks new forms of expression by commissioning works from contemporary choreographers.

Lyon Opera Ballet arrives at the Dance House Helsinki with an evening of three works by choreographer William Forsythe and Pierre Pontvianne, giving the dancers a chance to present their astonishing virtuosity.

Forsythe is one of the most influential choreographers of the late 20th century. He has been credited with​ revolutionizing ballet, and his works have become an integral part of the repertoire of ballet companies internationally.

N.N.N.N. is a quartet for four male dancers that explores the different combinations of the human anatomy — producing a counterpoint of movements and sounds, like a kind of living percussion.

One Flat Thing, reproduced, a vast abstract work, bordering on an art installation, allows Forsythe to play a game of breathtaking combinations: a choreographic fugue for 14 dancers and 20 tables.

Pierre Pontvianne is a French choreographer on the rise. He follows eclectic sources of inspiration and has developed his own choreographic language, influenced by classical ballet, contemporary dance and contemporary performance.

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