French language

Kick-Off to French for Beginners – Autumn 2024

Have you always dreamed of learning French, but never dared to start? Join our beginner Kick-off course designed just for you!

This introductory course allows you to explore learning French without prior knowledge or long-term commitment. Kick-off to French differs from our general French courses by its shorter duration and its textbook-free, interaction-based teaching style.

This is what Kick-Off to French is about:

v  Confidence in your French skills
Starting a new language can be intimidating. That’s why we designed a course that encourages you to use French all the way through. Each lesson in the Kick-Off course is structured to build your confidence in yourself and your language skills.

v  Small group sizes
Our Kick-Off courses are limited to 10-12 people per group to ensure that all students can actively participate.

v  No long-term commitment
The course is composed of eight diverse lessons based on the teaching material created by our French teachers. After the Kick-off course, you can decide whether to continue learning French with us by enrolling in one of the many other courses suitable at your level at the French Institute.

v  Fast results
Thanks to our continuous interaction-based approach, you will be surprised at how quickly you progress. After just a few lessons, you will be able to understand others and express yourself in simple everyday situations.

Native and qualified teachers
Since the course is held in French, you’ll get used to the French pronunciation right from the start. However, there’s no need to be afraid; our teachers can use English or Finnish as a support language whenever necessary. All our teachers are qualified to teach French as a foreign language.

v  Immersion to French language and culture
Learning a language also means immersing yourself in its culture. Our courses include cultural insights that enrich your learning experience and give you a taste of the diversity of French culture.

v  Access to resources that promote your learning
At the French Institute, you will have complimentary access to our library as well as to our digital Culthurethèque service, providing thousands of diverse resources such as books, magazines and podcasts.

Our Kick-Off course is your first step towards an exciting language adventure. Sign up here and start speaking French in only 8 weeks! The Kick-Off classes start on August 21st and October 23rd, 2024