French culture


  • The Cultural workshops of Institut français open the door on French culture in all its aspects: literature, gastronomy, songs, theatre, Francophonie. Through cultural contents, you will also improve your proficiency in French.
  • Our instructors are all native French speakers, qualified and highly trained professional teachers. They are trained to teach online and deliver you the same quality of teaching with virtual classes through e-learning platforms and videoconferencing. They teach to small groups of 4 to 12 people in a friendly and dynamic atmosphere, that fosters interactions and communication.


  • The « Cercle littéraire » (Literary Circle), on 12 weeks, is the perfect occasion to broaden your knowledge on French literature.
  • The courses are focused on oral interactions, discussions, and experimentations!
  • All courses can be taken on site or from home: thanks to a camera in the class, you will be able to attend the course online!

Course material

  • The course material, in accordance with the specifics of the workshops and groups, is created and provided by the teacher.
  • The material is based on authentic documents (literature, songs, press articles, etc.), selected depending on the wishes of the participants.

Cercle Littéraire (B2-C1) :

The group chooses 3 or 4 classical or contemporary literary works. The teacher gives biographical, stylistic, and theoretical information, and the class discuss about the books, as well as about its cinematographic adaptations.
● 18 hours in total / 12 weeks
●Dates: 1.2.-26.4.2023
● Wednedays 17:15-18:45
● Fees: 325 €