Exam preparation courses

Gather as much information as you can on the french tests and exams

  • Preparing well an exam first means being able to choose the test or certificate that suits best your situation and goals.
    Have a look on our web page and discover which test or exam is made for you!
  • Then, in order to prepare the exam or test that you chose, you have to look over thoroughly its description. Read carefully our web page dedicated to the French exams.
    You will find all the information you need to get a description of the tasks, the fees, the dates, but also samples of exams to train!

TCF , TEF , DELF/ DALF : how to get prepared?

You wish to prepare TCF, TEF or DELF/ DALF  ?
Do not hesitate to request a private tuition or a course in very small group!
Write to cours@france.fi and express your specific need!

DELF Junior

You wish to give your child the maximum of chances to passe the DELF Junior?
Contact us for a private tuition, and we will design a course tailored to your needs with a highly trained teacher.
Write to cours@france.fi for more information.