• Thanks to our intensive courses of French, you will quickly improve your skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing!

  • Our instructors are all native French speakers, qualified and highly trained professional teachers. They are trained to teach online and deliver you the same quality of teaching with virtual classes through e-learning platforms and videoconferencing. They teach to small groups of 4 to 12 people (the size depends on the course), in a friendly and dynamic atmosphere, that fosters interactions and communication.
  • The syllabus will be adjusted after the first class, depending on the needs and interests of the group.
  • All classes are conducted in French, even at a beginner level, to enhance quickly your speaking and listening skills.


  • The « petit automne », « petit printemps » and « petit été » are short sessions of 8 hours, on 4 weeks, to refresh your knowledge in French, prepare a trip, or just discovering French ! 
  • The intensive courses (“French Express”, “Café croissant”, “Apéro actualité”) are way to discover French or to boost your level of French in a very short amount of time.
  • Very small groups of 4 to 8 people for « Petits automnes », « Petit printemps » and« Petit été » et and for the 2 days French Week-end express, in order to improve even faster!
  • Our intensive courses are not comodal : you can only attend on site (or completely online in case we are obliged to go online because of the Covid-situation

Course materials

  • The learning materials is designed by the teacher and given to the class. It will be adjusted to the group and the individuals’ needs, in order to help everyone improving at his own pace.
  • The teachers will select authentic documents (newspaper articles, etc.) and design stimulating activities to enrich your vision of the French language and contemporary society. You will also develop your vocabulary and grammar in context!

Schedules and Fees


●8h/ 4 days
●Level A1-A2
●Dates : 5.6. -8.6.2023 or 12.6.-15.6.2023 or 21.8. -24.8.2023
09:00 > 11:00
Fees : 198 €



●8h/ 4 days
●Level: B1-B2
●Dates : 5.6. -8.6.2023 or 12.6.-15.6.2023 or 21.8. -24.8.2023
17:00 > 19:00
Fees : 198 €


Find the description of the levels here!