L’Institut français invites you to try its French lessons on line with Frantastique !

Learn French in a new, easy, fun and interactive way! Follow the adventures of Victor Hugo as he explores the Francophone universe.

How does it work?

  1. Every day, you’ll receive a selection of exercises, texts, dialogues, and mini-lessons in French. These include original stories and historical notes that match your level and objectives.
  2. Once you have sent your answers, you will receive a personalized feedback with your daily score, as well as personalized explanations and information.
  3. You progress at your own rhythm: the course adapts to your wishes, needs, and learning speed. An artificial intelligence engine builds each lesson to focus on the points you struggle with, as well as the topics you’ve requested.

Why choose us?

  1. The courses are available on PC, tablets and smartphones
  2. The lessons are short: spend 10 to 15 minutes daily practicing your French.
  3. The content is personalized to match your profile
  4. The fun lessons keep you motived
  5. You get to hear a wide variety of accents

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