French Schools looking for partnerships in Finland

You would like to developp shared projects with France? The French schools below are looking for a partner in Finland! Read the short description of each of them to see if they could be your match!

The Antonin ARTAUD High School

The Antonin ARTAUD Highschool has 1200 students from the second to the preparatory classes and BTS. It is a high school offering industrial technical training (electrical engineering) but also artistic (theatre) in addition to ”classic” training.

The school is looking for a partner school in Finland for one of these two projects:

  • a simple project about sustainable development.
  • a more complex technological project: design and production of building models related to the renovation and energy insulation of buildings.

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Collège Gérard Philippe

Gérard Philippe comprehensive school is located in the suburbs of Cannes. They are willing to rethink completely the way to consider the children and teaching, in order to improve their attractiveness. The teachers would be interesting in fostering cooperation around well-being at school and positive teaching. 

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Lycée des Graves

The Lycée des Graves is located in the quiet town of Gradignan, a few miles from Bordeaux City Centre. The teachers are looking for opportunities to cooperate and are open to projects you might have on your side!

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Le collège André  AILHAUD 

The André AILHAUD college, in Volx (PACA region), is looking for a partner for an Erasmus + project around biodiversity and the way in which ecology can also lead to rethinking the relationships between education actors within the ’school.

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Le collège de Castelnaudary

The college of Castelnaudary, which benefits from a great international opening (with partners in Germany and Spain) and has a sports section (football and handball), is looking for a partner for job shadowing in Finland. An interesting partner in France for projects around sport, Europe or even projects centered on well-being.

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L’école primaire Anne Franck-Jean Moulin

Anne Franck-Jean Moulin primary school, located in Halluin, in Northern France, is looking for a school partner in Finland for two Erasmus project:
-one is dedicated to CLIL-EMILE, in the context of early language teaching, 
-the other is dedicated to Leadership and Management in Education.

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Le collège Epine Guyon de Franconville et le lycée Jean Monnet de Franconville

The Middle School Guyon de Franconville and the High school Jean Monnet de Franconville are looking for a school partner in Finland in order to enlarge their consortium of european schools, already composed of Romanian, Italian, Turkish and Portuguese schools, for their Erasmus + project on climate ( Middle School ) and on cultural heritage (High school ). If interested, write to:

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Jean Aicard high school

Jean Aicard high school, located in Hyères, is looking for a partner to developp a class exchange (2nd or 3rd year of highschool).Each year a group of 30 to 40 students might participate. The exchange would be based on reciprocity, and the pupils would be staying in host families.

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Lycée Saint-Exupéry

The Lycée Saint-Exupéry is located in La Rochelle, on the West coast. This upper secondary school is looking for a school partner in Finland in order to work on one or several of the following topics :  prevent early school leaving, foster the promotion of scientific education for both genders, engage students in sustainable development projects, improve means of evaluation and orientation of students. The Lycée Saint-Exupéry benefits from an Erasmus accreditation and has currently 3 european and international projects going on.

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You are a primary school, a comprehensive school, a vocational school or a highschool in Finland and you are looking for a school partner in France? Do not hesitate to write to us and we will help you finding the perfect school partner for your project! You just need to fill in this survey, and to send it by email to :