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Concours de lecture à voix haute franco-allemand 2021-2022

For its 2021-2022 edition, the reading aloud French-German contest is opened to all Finland! The schoolchildren discover the pleasure of performing their reading on stage, in a joyful and relaxed but stimulating atmosphere!

The reading aloud French-German contest will take place in two rounds, one in three towns in Finland, and the second, the final, at Helsinki:

  • October-December 2021: the pupils get prepared for the contest! Videos will be provided to the teachers, in which Elisabeth Thym, a specialist of actor’s coaching, gives advice and ideas of exercises in class!
  • Before January, 11th: registration by the teachers to the contest (see form below)
  • 14th January (Helsinki), 21st January (Turku), 28th January (Tampere) 2022: workshops to practice a reading performance on stage with Elisabeth Thym (offered by the Institut français and the Goethe Institut to the school who are registered – to be specified in the form)
  • 2nd (Tampere), 3rd  (Turku), 4th February (Helsinki) 2022 : first round
  • March 2022 (date to be confirmed – second week of March): final at Helsinki (location to be confirmed) with the 15 finalists
  • The train tickets of the finalists coming from Turku and Tampere will be paid by the Institut français and the Goethe Institut.
Who can participate ?
  • This contest is opened to pupils studying French or German at school (class 2 to 11)
  • Two categories of age (classes 2 to 6 (8-12 years old) and classes 7 to 11(13-18 years old) and three categories levels (A1-A2 ; B1 ; B2-bilingual) are differentiated.
  • Only the German or French teachers can register their classes or some of their pupils to the contest. At the moment of the registration, they must specify the age and the level in which they wish to register them (registration before the 11th of January 2022).
Why participate ?
  • Because it gives the opportunity to the young readers to share the pleasure they take in reading a text, and to discover the tastes of others regarding reading !
  • Because it gives to all the occasion to demonstrate their skills in French and in German !
  • Because it encourages interactions and it trains one’s prononciation through a playful and creative activity !
How to participate ? 
  • Registration until the 11th of January through the following form:




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    • Registrations only by the German or French teacher

    Only the French or German teachers of Finland have the right to register their class. No individual registration will be considered ; no registration outside of Finland will be accepted.

    • After the registration, the teachers receive by mail the texts among which the pupils will have to choose one, for the first round.
    • For the second and final round, the choice of the text is free : the participants might choose whatever text they wish, on the condition the text does not exceed 1 page.
    • First Price = a journey in Helsinki with a French-German program of activities
    • Second and third prices = books

    Goethe Institut Finnland