Corporate tuition

Why choose the Institut Français ?

1.A really tailor-made course

  • Total flexibility on the pace and on the course schedule
  • Choice on the place and on the format (online or on site courses)
  • Elaboration of a tailor-made syllabus meeting your needs and goals, after a deep need analysis.
  1. High-quality trainings
  • High-qualified native speaker teachers with a significant experience in corporate tuition
  • Elaboration of a syllabus designed after a need analysis : this syllabus is a pedagogical contract, and binds us to make the trainees achieve the goals that were initially set.
  • On our learning platform, the trainees will find all the course materials displayed, but also activities to do in autonomy, forums, calendar of events, etc.
  • The possibility to do extra-activities in autonomy thanks to our learning platform Apolearn, and to train after the face-to-face class.
  1. A unique francophone environment
  • Cultural activities at the Institut français: every Thursday evening, the Institut Français organizes an event (film, conference, etc.). Extra activities are offered to our members only.
  • A free access to hundreds of books, magazines, and newspapers: Culturethèque, the e-library of the Institut français, a rich catalogue of digital resources.
  • Access to our exam centre: The Institut français is a major and officially approvedexamination centre for a wide range of official French language proficiency diplomas and certificates. It is accredited by France Education International for DELF / DALF and TCF (Knowledge of French Test), and by the French Chamber of Commerce for Professional French Exams.
  • The possibility to have a direct contact with France: the Institut français is an official representation of France abroad, and depends directly on the Ministry of Foreign affairs. As such, we can arrange meeting with French counterparts : our trainers can, for instance, invite during a virtual class, persons working in your field in France.

What type of course for what type of need?

4.French for specific purposes

You wish to :

  • Understand documents written in French, useful in your professional environment;
  • Understand a talk in French, or any other kind of communicative professional situation (negotiation, conference, etc.);
  • Interact in French in a specific professional context ;
  • Know how to react in a proper way in a situation requiring a certain knowledge of socio-professional rules of communication in France.

The Institut français will implement a training meeting your specific requirement, in order to help you improve in one or several of these skills.

Depending on your needs, the Institut français sets up a training course for a group or an individual coaching.

5.Intercultural courses (in French or in English) 

You have clients or French counterparts in your company, and you would like to know what kind of mistakes you should avoid or to understand their reactions, but you do not have enough time to take French language courses.

The Institut français implements also trainings English that helps identifying intercultural differences and ways to overcome them.

6.Introduction to the economical French ecosystem (in French or in English)

You would like to know more about the French economical landscape?
You would like to discover the legal aspects of work in France?
You would like to have an update regarding the most recent evolutions of the French word environment?
You would like to have clarifications on the main French institutions (Chambre de Commerce, Trésor public, etc.) and the main private sector actors?   

The Institut français organizes guest lectures or talks about one or several of these aspects in French or in English.

How to highlight your language skills ?

If you wish to highlight your skills in French, a certificate or a language diploma will be required or appreciated.

You will find detailed information on our webpage 

However, in a professional context, certain parameters might be, more specifically, taken into consideration:

  • DELF / DALF are life-time valid diplomas, issued in more than 160 countries and are, as a way of consequence, well known in the entire world ; but they remain diplomas of general French and do not focus on professional skills;
  • TCF and TEF also are certificate of general French, but are more flexible than the DELF, in the sense that they are multilevel tests;
  • Diplômes de Français Professionnel (DFP) are issued Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie de Paris and prove your writing and speaking skills in several professional fields : business, law, health, tourism, sciences and techniques, fashion and design.


1 hour 84€
10 hours 810€
15 hours 1215€
20 hours 1540€

In case the trainer had to come at your office, a supplement of 6 € is charged.

The need analysis as well as the placement test is free of charge.