Ranskan kieli

French-German writing workshops

From mid-August to mid-September 2022, the Institut français de Finlande and the Goethe-Institut are hosting a writer’s residency for Stephan Weitzel, a bilingual author who publishes in French and German.

As part of this residency, we are offering schools the opportunity to participate in a bilingual French-German creative writing workshop. This workshop will enable students to experience and practice true multilingualism, accompanied by the joy of creating and the pleasure of writing.

Format of the workshop
  • Duration: 1 h 30
  • Possible preparation before the workshop
  • After the workshop: finalise the text started with the class
Contents of the workshop

After two exercises to warm up and to play with the sounds of French and German, a writing activity is offered, to be chosen from the following possibilities:

  • Journey through my room:

Evoke the vitality of a place through the power of memory and impression! The text should truly transport the reader to another place!

  • Graphic novel:

The text will consist of both speech bubbles and descriptive texts replacing the images!

  • Carte blanche:

Using a topographic map, imagine stories set in particular places. The stories will be located on the map and can be linked together if an entire class chooses this project.

  • Simultaneous Writing:

Students will experiment with simultaneous writing in French and German, and how to develop a text in an interlanguage.

Conditions of participation
  • The school must offer French and/or German classes (schools offering both languages will be given priority)
  • Enrolment is possible for classes that have been learning French and/or German for at least 2 years
  • Students of all ages can participate, provided that they are able to understand instructions in German and/or French
  • The teacher commits to not only hosting the workshop but also to preparing it and to finishing the text started in the workshop with the students
  • The school has to be Finnish, regardless of the city: all cities and schools can apply (the workshops can be held in person or online)
How to register
If you are interested in this exceptional opportunity, please contact us by May 15, 2022, at:


In your application, please specify:

  • your name and which subject you teach
  • the name of your school
  • your motivation to have your class participate in this project

In case we receive too many applications, we will have to select the schools based on their motivational statements. Thus, please make sure to state your background and your motivation clearly!

We are looking forward to your participation! 

You can download the presentation HERE.